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Final Results of #Poltwt Tweet-a-thon

BrightPlanet has tallied the final results from the Global Law Enforcement Tweet-a-Thon, an event created and produced by LAwS Communications .  Over 200 police departments, from at least 10 countries, speaking 23 languages, participated in a 24-hour “virtual ride-along” on March 22-23. #poltwt was even a top 10 trending topic in the United States on March 22.

A total of 15,621 Twitter users produced 48,482 Tweets using the #poltwt hashtag.  In addition to giving the public a “virtual ride-along”, the Tweet-a-Thon showcased the synergistic possibilities when police departments and the public cooperate via social media.  Everything from door-to-door scam alerts, road closures, traffic accidents, missing persons, and stolen property were reported using #poltwt. We even included some humorous tweets we came across.

By The Numbers

LawsBusinessCardsA Quick Snapshot of #poltwt:

  • 48,842 – Total number of Tweets harvested with #poltwt hashtag
  • 18,092 – Total number of Reweets 
  • 15,621 – Unique Twitter users
  • 23 –  Different languages
  • 11,203,796 – Total Outreach (combined followers of 15,621 unique Twitters users)

Most Vocal

4345518893_5a5702ef5eDrumroll please…at the end of the Tweet-a-Thon, the “Most Vocal” Awards go to:

  1. @NYorksPolice – 568 tweets
  2. @mapwinn0605 – 484 tweets
  3. @lawscomm – 289 tweets
  4. @CalgaryPolice – 209 tweets
  5. @GMPBlackley – 205 tweets
  6. @HaltonPolice – 186 tweets

Most Popular

The Twitter handles most mentioned within the results were:

  1. @CalgaryPolice – 918 mentions
  2. @gmpolice – 841 mentions
  3. @NYorksPolice -662 mentions
  4. @lawscomm  – 407 mentions
  5. @hantsyotcop – 355 mentions
  6. @FBIPressOffice – 316  mentions

Top TwitPics

Our top Twit Pics features a fashion police meme, K9 officers, and some helpful reminders for the public.

  1. Fashion Police Meme – pic.twitter.com/52J3ssklIq
  2. K9 Unit on Patrol – pic.twitter.com/CuiD9OGznB
  3. Meet Mo – pic.twitter.com/vpVxtHU3Sz
  4. Peace Officer Quote – pic.twitter.com/ZmeV0AdMg5
  5. Message to Parents – pic.twitter.com/N4LmuvPNRZ
  6. #Polltwt Location Trending – pic.twitter.com/jucwCNitsE

Most Retweeted Tweets

The most retweeted Tweets mention everything from theft to a missing child:

  1. RT @hantsyotcop: I’m not the fashion police but this could be an #awkwardmoment you may want to avoid #poltwt http://t.co/52J3ssklIq
  2. RT @GMPNewtonHeath: Male detained in shop in Newton Heath stealing tea bags. Gave his name as Earl Grey #poltwt
  3. RT @FBIPressOffice: Since 1967, police agencies nationwide have used the FBI’s NCIC to check crime records #poltwt http://t.co/FYffghkAU …
  4. RT @OttawaPolice: RT if you promise to always drive sober. #poltwt
  5. RT @CalgaryPolice: Picture just received from our K9 unit on patrol in #yyc. #poltwt. http://t.co/CuiD9OGznB

Top Devices

UpdatedPieChartThe iPhone topped the list of most-used devices, other than computers:

  1. Web browser – 22,351 Tweets
  2. iPhone – 10,116 Tweets
  3. Android – 3,971 Tweets
  4. iPad – 2,099 Tweets
  5. BlackBerry – 1,988 Tweets
  6. Windows Phone – 153 Tweets

#PolTwt Across the Globe

23 different languages were used in #poltwt Tweets:

  1. English
  2. Dutch
  3. Spanish
  4. Swedish
  5. German
  6. Finnish

Other languages included: Turkish, Polish, Thai, Japanese, and Russian.

#Poltwt At Work

Reuniting a Lost Boy with his Mother

We found social media at work to find a missing boy from South Australia Police News (@SAPoliceNews).

‏@SAPoliceNews: Help find 8yo William? Missing in #Nairne maroon shirt, blue jeans. Call 131 444 #adelhills

@SAPoliceNews: William and his mum. He was found safe and sound in the Nairne area. Thank you for your RT #missing #nowfound #poltwt pic.twitter.com/TzjUTPEIVP

6 Examples of Law Enforcement Utilizing Twitter

  • @Cumbriapolice: Please note that the A595 at Bolton Low Houses, Wigton is now closed due to the snow. #A595 #cumbria #poltwt
  • @GMPFailsworth: This fella was stolen last month. The offenders used a chainsaw. Know where he is, give us a call. #poltwt
  • @GMPWhitefield: #MissingAppeal: 14yr old Sophie Holmes still missing from the Whitefield area Pls RT #poltwt  http://t.co/1ZNGfaZR7b
  • @lincspolice: Missing Boston man found safe last night.  Twitter is really useful tool in these cases.  Thanks for all RTs #poltwt
  • @NWmwaypolice: #poltwt – for info, Runcorn/Widnes bridge has been closed due to falling ice, expect delays in and around the area
  • @HaltonPolice: Burlington homeowner approached by 3 suspicious persons falsely claiming to be from ADT, wanted entrance to home. #poltwt (notice the quick response from the ADT corporate account)

Humorous Tweets from #poltwt

3712624247_5d791d6d2aWe also wanted to showcase some of the funnier tweets we saw:

  • @cheshirepolice: 999 call to report a gate banging in the wind. Please remember 999 is for emergencies. (Not for wind calls)! #poltwt
  • @CustomsBorder: Hide and seek! CBP found 150 lbs. of #drugs in this truck bed. #poltwt #photooftheday http://t.co/sPnpOc6cLo
  • @eriealerts: #poltwt EPD McDonalds 4th & State. Drive through patron reporting no service for 5mns. No one at window. Concerned.
  • @GMPNewtonHeath: Evidence at last: bears do sit in the woods #poltwt http://t.co/w0k1jRHeWn
  • @ManukauPolice: #poltwt. Don’t lippy and drive. Report of a car swerving over the road while driver applies make up
  • @PaloAltoPolice: We just saw one of the @google self-driving cars go by us. Gotta love Silicon Valley. #poltwt
  • @SeattlePD: Det. Mark Jamieson on the Jonas Brothers: “I don’t like those [Jonas Bros.] I’m all about Hanson” #poltwt
  • @SeattlePD: Stun Gun-Wielding Pregnant Woman Attacks Bike Messenger: http://t.co/eHwOGOhecE #poltwt
  • @TampaPD: Just stopping a SMART car now driving with no headlights and no taillights on. It’s not that smart. #POLTWT
  • @TampaPD: Enroute to a report of a naked man running around in traffic…Well this could be interesting #POLTWT #nofreeshowers
  • @TampaPD: Well officers checked the area and fortunately, for everyone’s sake, we weren’t able to locate the naked man! #POLTWT
  • @TPSDetBangild: Slower drivers, please use right lane. Careless, aggressive and dangerous drivers, please walk to work. #poltwt
  • @VTStatePolice: 80 mph is not a safe speed on snowy roads. Ain’t nobody got time for a wreck! #VSPtroopB #poltwt
  • @WichitaPolice: Disorderly conduct report in area of 3900 E Murdock. Suspect called and said she was “going to cut his face off” #poltwt
  • @YB_Sodermalm: -“Sir, you are the first person arrested to go in our new police car.” .. -“That’s not bad, how nice of you.” #poltwt
  • @YB_Sodermalm: A truck driver was surfing on his laptop while he drove his truck. Inappropiate, yes. Illegal, no. Not in Sweden. #poltwt
  • @YRP: Just received a call of a possum stuck in a resident’s fence. Not an emergency – unless you’re the possum, I guess. #poltwt

Adorable Animals!

What would any blog post be without pictures of cute animals? Police dogs, police horses, and even police geese participated in the 24-hour Tweet-a-Thon.



Photo: davidsonscott15

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Photo: LawPrieR