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[Whitepaper] Google Search vs. Deep Web Harvesting – Questions Answered

Being in the business of Deep Web harvesting, we find ourselves answering the same questions regularly. Online search is such a part of our daily lives; Kleenex is to facial tissue as Google is to search.

Google has become synonymous with search in many people’s minds. However, what Google does and what Deep Web harvesting is are very different.

In our latest white paper, we answer some of the frequently asked questions we get about Deep Web harvesting. These questions include:

  • Google Search vs. Deep Web Harvesting | Bright PlanetHow is Deep Web harvesting different than Google search?
  • Does a Deep Web harvest cover the entire web?
  • Can we get alerts like Google Alerts from Deep Web harvests?

Google and other search tools like it are sufficient for many projects and tasks but when people need to answer harder questions than “How late is Burger King open?”, Deep Web harvesting is available to help.

Download our white paper here.