2013 Top 4 Deep Web University Post Countdown: Why You Should Tap into the Deep Web in 2013

We’ve been counting down our most viewed Deep Web University posts of 2013 and it is now time for the most viewed post of 2013: Why You Should Tap into the Deep Web in 2013!

Number One ImageOur first post of 2013, posted on January 3, 2013, blew all the other posts out of the water in terms of views. It had over 8 times the views of the second most viewed post.

At BrightPlanet, we specialize in harvesting Deep Web data and this post uncovers what the Deep Web is and what users can get from this rich resource. The blog post includes:

  • What the Deep Web is
  • Why you should care about the Deep Web
  • How to harvest the data from the Deep Web
  • Why regular search engines can’t reach the Deep Web

Read it here:

Top Post #1

The complete 2013 top Deep Web University post countdown:

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Photo: Rishabh Mishra (possible 248)