[WHITEPAPER] Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Law Enforcement

Earlier this year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Internet, the Pew Research company released the most recent stats about the adoption rates and internet usage of adults living in the United States. See what this means for crime online and law enforcement in this post and in our new whitepaper: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Law Enforcement.

Research Results

The results of the study weren’t surprising as the internet usage among American adults continued to increase to an impressive 87%. It also wasn’t surprising that reports indicated American adults were using the Internet in more ways than previous years through the use of new social networks, online communities, and apps.

What was surprising was the report indicated that mobile applications overtook personal computer Internet usage. For the first time, cell phones were being used to access websites more than computers.

Mobile Internet Usage and Crime

The use of mobile devices also has led to a significant increase in crime occurring online. As criminal organizations use the Internet to communicate and coordinate, it becomes more crucial than ever for law enforcement to leverage this publicly available data. To help state and local law enforcement better understand how to detect and track crime occurring online, BrightPlanet has released a free whitepaper titled, “Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Law Enforcement”.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to use publicly available, open source data to:

  • Collect insight into gang structures, conversations and illegal activities
  • Monitor criminally predicated individuals across multiple online platforms
  • Track information surrounding large public events across online platforms
  • Utilize harvested data in multiple third-party analytic tools on the market

This whitepaper is available for download for professionals working in the law enforcement industry. To access the free whitepaper, please use your company or agency contact information and email address.