BrightPlanet Launches Deep Web Data Feeds: Global News Data Feed is First Available Data Feed

BrightPlanet is excited to announce a new product line called Deep Web Data Feeds. Deep Web Data Feeds utilize a data-as-a-service (DaaS) model and give users the ability to leverage unstructured data collected from the Internet that has been enriched and structured through BrightPlanet’s harvesting and enrichment process. The Global News Data Feed is the first available data feed that is ready for access.

DeepWebDataFeed“We’re very excited to release our Deep Web Data Feeds and look forward to exploring what our users can accomplish with our first data feed, the Global News Data Feed. As companies continue to leverage their internal data sets and grasp the possibilities with internal data, they’ll begin to look outward for additional data to further increase their efficiencies and expand their already successful Big Data projects”, explained Tyson Johnson, Vice President of Business Development.

Deep Web Data Feeds

BrightPlanet is currently developing standard data feeds that can be utilized by any of BrightPlanet’s customers and will also create custom bespoke data feeds for customers wanting access to customized datasets. As BrightPlanet uses their technology to harvest data, they also perform enrichment on the data that extracts out key entities from the unstructured data to make it easier for customers to analyze and understand.

Organizations will be able to tap into BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Data Feeds through a number of different options. “We just finalized major revisions to our REST API to allow developers to access data and bring it internally. We can also deliver data directly to our dashboard environment, or give you data that can be loaded directly into visualization and dashboard tools you already use like Tableau” explains William Bushee, Vice President of Technology.  “Now, with the release of our Deep Web Data Feeds, we’re looking for developers searching for additional data to use with their company internally to help better understand the potential of what can be done with our current Global News Data Feed.”

Global News Data Feed Access

The first data feed released is BrightPlanet’s Global News Data Feed which features data that’s harvested from over 10,000 global news sources in over 30 different languages. As news articles are harvested, names of people, companies, crimes, diseases, locations, and a number of other entities are all extracted to give the data structure. Users of the Global News Data Feed have used news data to predict global disease outbreaks and further increase underwriting efficiencies with insurance.

BrightPlanet’s Global News Data Feed is available for organizations at $500 per month per user for access to use data internally. Pricing for users hoping to resell the data is also available upon request. In addition to the paid feed access, BrightPlanet also is giving users a free version of BrightPlanet’s API that features the last seven days of data harvested and enriched.

Request API Access

Are you a developer and want access to structured and enriched data harvested from the Web? Request access to BrightPlanet’s Document Search API to access the Global News Data Feed.

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