Deep Learning Framework Agreement Signed

Sioux Falls, S.D. – December 4, 2015 – BrightPlanet and AMPLYFI announced today that they have formed a long-term strategic partnership.

This agreement creates an alliance focused on developing the industry’s most sophisticated large-scale deep learning system to direct and interpret the harvest, curation, and indexation of data from both the Surface and Deep Web. The agreement combines the power of BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Harvester with AMPLYFI’s extensive suite of machine learning algorithms.

“This unique agreement underlines our strategic and deepening links with BrightPlanet, the world’s definitive leader in Surface and Deep Web data harvesting and enriching. We are delighted to count BrightPlanet as a key partner,” said AMPLYFI Chief Executive Officer, Chris Ganje.

“Underpinning this alliance is a relationship based on cross-fertilization of both BrightPlanet’s and AMPLYFI’s technological prowess and strategic direction. AMPLYFI is developing some incredible intelligence tools, and the BrightPlanet team is excited to work closely with them as they continue to grow. We see big things for this impressive start-up,” said BrightPlanet Vice President of Business Development, Tyson Johnson.

AMPLYFI and BrightPlanet are beginning development immediately and plan to work closely together to develop further deep learning capabilities.


Since originally coining the term the “Deep Web”, BrightPlanet has been consistently recognized as an industry leader in the collection of unstructured content from the public Web at Big Data scale. BrightPlanet’s patented technology has been implemented by the U.S. intelligence community, leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, and innovative financial services providers to harvest and enrich unstructured content in any language from both the Surface Web and the Deep Web. Further information on BrightPlanet’s products and services can be found at


AMP_FINAL LOGO-6AMPLYFI was created to advance techniques employed by the intelligence community for distilling signals from the Internet and apply these to deliver intelligence on potential technology or market disruptions.  AMPLYFI’s initial product, DataVoyant, is the world’s first business intelligence platform to combine leading artificial intelligence, Surface and Deep Web harvesting capability and Big Data visualization within a single integrated, user-friendly framework.  For more information visit