BrightPlanet Adds Two New Advanced Features to API Searches

Our Global News Data Feed API just got better! We’re excited to announce that we’ve added two additional features directly from the API.

  • Users can identify how positive/negative entities (People, places, or companies) are mentioned within each Web page. (Polarity)
  • Users can get a score rating the importance of the entity within each Web page. (Salience)

BrightPlanet Global News Data Feed API users now have a whole new set of intelligence to include in their analysis.

GlobalNewsDataFeedEffective immediately, the new API call will allow users to make a request to get advanced intelligence about specific entities. Previously, only the mentions of the entities were found, now, users can get intelligence about those entities directly from the API including:

  • polarity (or how positive or negative that person or place was mentioned)
  • salience (how important that specific entity was within that document)

To read more about polarity and salience, check out our previous blog post here.

Vice President of Development Will Bushee explains,

 As a small technology company, we are dedicated to delivering value for our customers. Including access to the additional data intelligence on top of entities will provide even more value for our clients currently subscribing to our Global News Data Feed and accessing our API.”

If you are interested in accessing the API, request a key here.

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