Proving the ROI of Open Source Web Data Harvesting

There’s no doubt in the value of external web data harvested and curated specifically for your business. We’ve detailed exactly how data harvesting works and what data harvesting can do in past blog posts. The hard part comes when you’re trying to prove the return on investment to the decision makers at your company.

The answer to those important ROI-questions is a Deep Review.

A Deep Review helps you articulate the value in harvesting external web data by funding a custom proof of concept using your actual data — not hypothetical scenarios. The final Deep Review report outlines exactly how your business will benefit from a web data harvesting solution, complete with cost analysis.

There’s no question of ROI after a Deep Review.

What is a Deep Review?

No two Deep Reviews will look alike. The data in each report is individual to each BrightPlanet customer. And the way people use them is vastly different, as well.

A Deep Review starts with a data needs assessment by one of our expert data engineers. The engineer will work with you from start to finish to understand, harvest, curate, and develop solutions unique to your business problems, threats, and opportunities.

A Deep Review includes:

  • Up to 45 hours of dedicated engineer time
  • Project management and team support
  • Weekly status calls
  • Access to custom harvested data
  • A detailed report of all findings
  • A production execution plan, complete with pricing and go-forward strategy

Customers have used Deep Reviews to help answer a wide range of questions.

Combating Fraud

A financial services company, for instance, asked us to identify what data was available on the Dark Web from their institution. Our team at BrightPlanet conducted a Deep Review to identify and harvest potential sources on the Dark Web, combating phishing and fraudulent credit card number sales online.

The Deep Review also allowed BrightPlanet engineers to help the financial services client to further analyze the data via data visualization.

Improving Efficiency

Another client reached out to BrightPlanet to find a more efficient way to identify potential job candidates online versus their current manual processes.

A Deep Review helped this human resources staffing agency harvest and curate data in near real-time, leading to more job candidates and custom delivery of the data set in a way the firm could continually use and access.

Determine Your ROI

Now that you understand the value of a Deep Review, request a consultation with a Data Acquisition Engineer. We can discuss BrightPlanet’s data harvesting technologies and explain how a Deep Review can benefit your organization.