How to Find and Harvest Dark Web Data from the TOR Network

The Internet is constantly changing, and that’s more apparent on the TOR Network than anywhere else. In this section of the Dark Web, you can see a URL one minute and it’ll be gone the next.

These fly-by-night URLs make it challenging to collect TOR data, but it’s important to stay on top of Dark Web websites — and BrightPlanet can help.

Why is TOR Data Important?

Content found on the TOR Network is especially valuable to businesses because it can be involved with the sale of fraudulent or stolen goods.

If your business deals with customer’s private information, it’s vital that you monitor the Dark Web for exposure. BrightPlanet’s Dark Web data harvesting helps monitor and stop instances of fraudulent behavior online, protecting things like credit card numbers, banking information, and even stolen manufactured goods for your customers.

How are Dark Web Websites Identified?

We have some proprietary techniques but we also find and harvest Dark Web websites the same way regular people might find a Dark Web website, only we automate that system.

We monitor for external .onion links on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, and we automate queries in Dark Web search engines. When we identify the relevant Dark Web sites for a customer, we harvest all of the text-based content from the pages.

Because we harvest all of the data, we have all of the text content stored as an original record if the page is removed or changed. We can compare different versions of the pages as they are updated, and our automation process scans each for those fraudulent behaviors.

See for Yourself

Interested in Dark Web data harvesting for your business? Check out our case studies to learn how our customers have stopped online fraud with our services, and then contact us for a personal consultation.