[WHITE PAPER] How Social Media Data Harvesting and Social Network Analysis Can Identify Your Audience

Social media data has become a tremendous tool for businesses to connect directly with their target audience. However, due to its popularity, social media channels create excess noise that disrupts businesses from centering in on who they want to reach. It’s a difficult task to know who is a prominent member of an audience and who isn’t, when it’s hard to tell the difference.

Enter BrightPlanet and EdgeWeight. Using social media data collected around a presidential debate, our companies were able to segment and harvest data from these channels in order to cancel out this excess noise.

We’ve gone into detail about what social network analysis is and why it can be a valuable service to your business in our most recent white paperData Harvesting and Understanding the Crowd. You’ll gain a better understanding about the relationships that hold these social media networks together, as well as how to reach them. 

How We Can Clear Up Your Social Channels

edgeweight-white-paper-cover-imageThoroughly investigating social structures allows us to identify what people make up an online social network community. In this white paper, we discuss how harvesting and segmenting data from these social communities allowed us to answer the following questions:

  • Who are the power players in a social group?
  • How can we tell which connections are worth pursuing?
  • Which relationships matter?
  • Do extended relationships mean anything?

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