Aric Boschee: Maximizing Deep Web Technologies as a Senior Software Engineer

Growing up in Woonsocket, SD, Aric Boschee was very involved.

He excelled at math and computer science, while playing a variety of sports, including playing collegiate baseball and football. His current hobbies include golfing, bowling, fishing, and pheasant hunting.

After graduating from Dakota State University in 2004, Aric was on the job hunt for developer positions. We found his gifts of digital ingenuity were too great to pass up on. Aric joined our team at BrightPlanet and soon found himself in the the position of Senior Software Engineer.

Aric’s role with our company is behind the scenes heavy lifting. The support of our software engineers allow us to grow and develop our technology, which in turn, helps us in reaching our company goals. They act as the quality control that assures all of our Deep Web search algorithms work properly and that our processes are able to grow organically.

During our day-to-day operations, Aric maintains and writes code for many of our vital java based web applications. His work also includes fixing bugs and adding new features to our Deep Web technologies. All in all, Aric has many thoughts on what can be done to use BrightPlanet’s software to reach where we want to be in the future.

Constantly Learning with Data Harvesting

Aric will be the first one to tell you that his job is filled with challenges. He prefers it to be that way.

One of his favorite aspects of his job is that there is always something new to learn. Everything from the new Deep Web and Dark Web search algorithms, to our open source intelligence tools are constantly changing.

With these adaptations, the scalability of what are able to do and the amount of data we’re able to get is quite a bit more than the average data acquisition firms. One of the major advantages of our data harvesting is that the number of sources we’re able to get data from is the top of the industry as well. Whether it be site-scraping or our data harvesting capabilities, we’re able to get our clients the information from the dark web that they’re looking for.

Our software team has created methods for manipulating and tagging data after we get it for a client. This ultimately makes it easier for our Data Acquisition Engineers to segment data.

They also developed a similarity hash program that’s able to compare documents and tell how similar they are to one another. When applied to Dark Web searches, these programs have helped us pinpoint certain networks of sites that were committing crimes like pharmaceutical or credit card fraud.

Data Harvesting with Efficiency

Being a smaller company, our flexibility is an advantage for our clients.

Larger firms might be working on only a single project at a time and have an uncompromising process that the client has no say on. With BrightPlanet, you not only have an engineer to work with you in real time, but you also have an expert software engineer supporting your process every step of the way.

These experts know the ins and outs of our work and create technology that improves the work we do. Aric had a significant role in creating our scripted harvester, which allows us to navigate sites more efficiently and to log into certain sites. This makes it a lot easier to implement newer software, newer libraries, and all our new open source intelligence tools.

Big Data is only getting bigger.

When it comes to managing your data, a dedicated team of software engineers is crucial. If you have any inquiries about our processes and where we fit into your business, tell us what you’re working on. We’ll be happy to help you with any of your data questions and find the answers you’re searching for.