Why Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program is Essential

Combatting online fraud data is an issue where businesses and financial institutions must be proactive. The negative impact that fraud creates is something that inevitably ends up costing both money and time.

On Wednesday, April 5, Tyson Johnson is speaking at the ACFE-CPIO conference. His presentation focuses on “Building An Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program.” As a frequent speaker at this conference, Tyson has been helping businesses build anti-fraud programs for years.

Combatting Fraud with Open Source Data Monitoring

In his talk, Tyson wants to bring attention to the need companies have to identify fraud online.

Monitoring fraud through open source intelligence is the single best way to go about this. CFE’s and investigators adapt to using open sources to collect information after fraud has occurred, but have yet to leverage it by proactively monitoring fraud before it happens.

Developing structured anti-fraud methods through open source monitoring is the first step to do just that.

It’s difficult to understate the capabilities that Big Data brings to combating fraud. Acting as a control, it identifies indicators of fraud before it affects business operations. This not only leaves one less problem for businesses to worry about, but it also stops crime in its tracks.

Monitoring Online Fraud Data

Information today can overwhelm online fraud data examiners. To help with this, BrightPlanet narrows the focus of open-source content, building actionable intelligence and monitoring services.

As a trusted entity among financial institutions, we are able to leverage our harvesting and open source intelligence capabilities to trace online fraud data at the source.

If you are attending the conference, stop by after Tyson’s 11:30 a.m. talk and ask him about getting a Deep Review started for your business.