Ryan Quam: BrightPlanet’s Data Harvest Technology “Uber Geek”

The love for math and computer science began at a young age for BrightPlanet’s Principal Engineer, Ryan Quam. He even scored a perfect 800 on the math portion of the SAT! This love of math and data brought him to South Dakota State University where he studied math and computer science.

A self-described “uber geek” in the office, Ryan has contributed his love of data and wealth of knowledge to the BrightPlanet team for over 10 years. When he’s not at the office, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing tennis, participating in a fantasy football league, watching SDSU athletics, and all things hockey-related.

Leveraging Data With The Latest Technology

From performing data harvests, to determining how the data is stored and processed, Ryan architects BrightPlanet’s “Open Planet” system for better Deep Web search and Dark Web search results for clients. This system allows the team at BrightPlanet to switch in and out of various components depending on how they need to process documents for data flow.

Working with all of the latest and greatest technology is Ryan’s favorite part of his job as Principal Engineer for BrightPlanet. He evaluates new technology and open source intelligence tools (OSINT) to determine how the new developments can impact BrightPlanet’s clients.

The Future of Dark Web Search and Data Harvesting Techniques

While there has recently been great focus on Big Data in the world of data harvesting, Ryan emphasizes the need for good data. Ryan states, “It doesn’t matter so much the quantity of the data, but rather the quality of the harvested data.”

Harvesting specific content can be very meaningful for clients and will help them get closer to achieving their data harvest goals in the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Surface Web universe.

Ryan has seen a lot of change in terms of technology and data harvesting techniques over the past decade. One change he foresees in the future is how BrightPlanet will harvest data in the online ad industry.

Some web browsers may move to a coin offering system, making it difficult to obtain documents without giving micropayments. This will require BrightPlanet and other data harvesting companies to develop new and creative ways to obtain data.

The Competitive Advantage of BrightPlanet

Ryan believes that BrightPlanet’s well-respected experience in the world of Deep Web search, Dark Web search, OSINT, and other data harvesting techniques makes us stand out among other data harvesting companies.

We can go into a meeting with a new client and we can tell them exactly what they would need to do to use our platform,” states Ryan.  

The small, yet efficient size of BrightPlanet’s staff also gives BrightPlanet a leg up in the data harvesting competition. The people of BrightPlanet know each other well and emphasize effective communication in order to achieve the common goal of helping their clients with their data harvesting needs.

Achieve Your Data Harvest Goals with BrightPlanet

Interacting with clients, testing the latest technology, and improving data harvest techniques are what bring Ryan to work every day.

If you’re interested in the work Ryan or the rest of the BrightPlanet team does to provide data harvest solutions to our clients, tell us what you’re working on! Ryan and our team of experienced Data Acquisition Engineers can tell you how we can help you and your data harvesting project.

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