Breaking the I.T. Stereotype: How Speaking and Professionalism Can Grow Your I.T. Career

If you’re an Information Technology (I.T.) professional, you’re likely familiar with the stereotypes associated with those who work in the I.T. field.

The media and a large group from the general public view I.T. professionals as geeks, hovered over a computer in the back corner of an office somewhere, always working and rarely engaging in conversation.

While this description of I.T. professionals may be true for some people, it doesn’t do justice to the wealth of knowledge and greater skillsets I.T. professionals should possess in order to be successful in their careers.

It’s true that our team of I.T. professionals at BrightPlanet prides itself in our work with Deep Web search, Dark Web search, and open source intelligence tools. However, we also believe that having strong speaking and professional conduct skills gives I.T. professionals the opportunity to grow and develop their careers.  

In this episode of I.T. Career Energizer podcast with Phil Burgers, learn from Will Bushee, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development, as he discusses his passion for developing the underrated soft skills of speaking and professionalism in the field of I.T.  



A Unique I.T. Career Tip: Develop Your Speaking Skills

The skills of speaking and communication are rarely emphasized in the world of I.T. Many I.T. professionals learn the importance of working diligently to uncover technology issues or to make processes more efficient.

While working hard and solving technology issues are definitely important for I.T. professionals, there are other soft skills such as speaking and professional development that can help I.T. professionals grow and challenge themselves in their careers.

In this I.T. Career Energizer podcast episode, Will emphasizes the need for I.T. professionals to be good speakers.

Being a good speaker can mean giving a speech on Deep Web search and Dark Web search before hundreds of people, but more important, this skill translates to your everyday work with coworkers and clients as an I.T. professional.

We all interact with people on a daily basis, even I.T. professionals. Being able to effectively and efficiently communicate your beliefs and ideas to others will allow you to make better progress in some projects when you know what to say and how to say it.

The more that I.T. professionals develop these speaking skills, the more others will realize the variety of strengths in this field, not limited to technology knowledge!

So what can you do to improve your speaking skills? While you may not be giving presentations in front of hundreds of people any time soon, start small and talk to your coworkers and friends about topics that bring out your passions.

I.T. professionals have a wealth of knowledge that can benefit the greater I.T. community. The more we communicate with each other, the more we can collectively improve our speaking skills while advancing the field of I.T.  

Grow in Your Career by Conducting Yourself Professionally

Professionalism in the workplace, no matter your career, goes hand in hand with being a good speaker and communicator.

Will notes in the episode that it may be easy to complain about other businesses or clients when something goes wrong or people are acting difficult. However, understanding that complaining and trash talking never resolve conflict is essential to maintaining a professional character.

No matter the situation, try to see past the negative aspects right in front of you, and work to take the steps needed to solve the greater issue at hand.

Grow and Succeed as an I.T. Professional

The importance of speaking and professionalism are two topics that Will discusses in the episode. Within these topics, Will also shares his worst I.T. moments and what he’s learned from those difficult events.

Listen to the episode to hear Will share what excites him about the future of I.T. professionals, as well as how learning to better communicate through speaking and professionalism has the ability to take your I.T. career to the next level.