Webinar Recap: How to Turn Web Content into Usable Data for Data Analytics

With technology and data, the possibilities are endless.

However, when technology always changes, and the amount of content available online only increases, it becomes difficult to harvest the most relevant data.

Many business owners become frustrated during the harvest data process with the complexity of ingesting unstructured content into their data models. At BrightPlanet, we improve the data enrichment process for clients with our technology and unique data harvest process that utilizes Deep Web search to filter through the mountain of content available on the web, and turn it into structured data.

Learn about BrightPlanet’s unique data harvest process by watching our latest webinar held on December 19: How to Turn Web Content into Usable Data for Data Analytics. Gain insight into how BrightPlanet harvests meaningful data and discover why having a strong harvest data process can help your business obtain the usable content needed in order to make thoughtful and strategic business decisions.

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Improve Data Enrichment with the BrightPlanet Process

In order to enrich raw data and make it usable, it is necessary to have a harvest data process that can search and filter content on the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web.

In the webinar, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development Will Bushee, shows how BrightPlanet’s data harvest process helps combat illegal and fraudulent activity, using real world data harvest examples from various industries including the insurance and pharmaceutical industry.

Harvesting data from the Deep Web and Dark Web becomes especially important when monitoring illegal and fraudulent activity regarding a certain topic, since a large amount of illegal sales occurs on these two platforms.  

Throughout the webinar, Will walks through the BrightPlanet harvest data process of harvesting, curating, and developing insights in order for businesses to obtain the data they need, allowing them to make informed and effective decisions.

Step One: Harvest Data

While monitoring illegal and fraudulent online activity, the harvest phase of BrightPlanet’s harvest data process includes three parts. First, BrightPlanet identifies websites. As mentioned above, BrightPlanet monitors websites from the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web, utilizing Deep Web search and Dark Web search to find these domains.  

The second part of the harvest phase includes qualifying a site as fraudulent. It doesn’t really do any good to monitor a site that simply mentions your product or topics related to a product, unless it is trying to illegally sell a product or trying to defraud a client.

If BrightPlanet is monitoring illegal and fraudulent activity for clients, we harvest on multiple levels and qualify sites as fraudulent if they are illegally selling a product.

Once BrightPlanet classifies a pool of websites as fraudulent, the work of actually harvesting the domains begins.

In a typical case, BrightPlanet goes down a depth of three or four levels of link traversal, and pulls approximately 1,000 documents from each domain. Each month, the domain is reharvested in order to obtain the most up-to-date information.

Step Two: Curate Data

The next step in BrightPlanet’s harvest data process is curating the data that is harvested in step one. BrightPlanet begins this step by normalizing the harvested data into a format such as basic text documents in order to easily extract entities.

While extracting entities from the harvested content, BrightPlanet works with Rosoka, an industry leader of text analytics solutions, to extract out data from our standard entity lists, as well as customizable entities.

This extracted data includes entities such as names of people and companies, pharmacy information (for pharmaceutical clients), contact information, domain names, and more.

Step Three: Develop Insights

The final step of the harvest data process involves looking at the unstructured harvested content, and developing insights to create more intelligence that will allow business leaders to make informed decisions, knowing that they have analyzed all of the information they need.  

BrightPlanet helps clients improve their data enrichment process and develop insights by building dashboards and incorporating third party analytics. Each time we harvest a domain, that data is uploaded to our resource dashboards.

BrightPlanet Harvest Data Dashboards

These dashboards are easily organized by topic, and can serve as helpful resources to people looking for additional information regarding a specific topic.

Work with BrightPlanet to Improve Your Harvest Data Process

In addition to monitoring illegal and fraudulent activity, BrightPlanet can harvest, curate, and develop insight into virtually anything available on the Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web.

Ready to turn your harvested web content into structured data for helpful data analytics? Download the webinar for an in-depth look into BrightPlanet’s data enrichment process, and learn how your business can go beyond the data in front of them to develop keen insights into their structured content.  

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