Media Monitoring vs. Data Harvesting: What’s the Difference?

BrightPlanet often gets lumped in with companies like Radian6, uberVU or Sysomos, but our services are nothing like those of a media monitoring company. No offense to those businesses, but data harvesting is a completely different service for a more involved customer.

Here’s a look at the major differences between media monitoring and data harvesting, and why a business owner may choose to use data harvesting solutions instead.

A Traditional Approach

Media monitoring services are a more traditional approach for businesses that only need access to a predefined data set.

This data set normally consists of blogs, messages boards, social media, and news sources — and every customer of the media monitoring company typically shares that same data set. This means your competitors can see exactly the same information you are.

Media monitoring companies do a great job at reviewing for keywords online and delivering back stats, but the output from media monitoring is not heavily customizable and doesn’t often give you insight into what the data actually means for your business.

Let’s compare to data harvesting.

A Unique Solution 

BrightPlanet’s data harvesting solutions ensure each one of our customers receive a customized data set from the web, with sources that we determine meet your specific needs.

The data set that results from our work is unlike any other in existence because you determine the sources included, and your team has exclusive access. We can do custom development to allow you to interact with the data via dashboards, reports, or rest APIs — allowing you to develop unique, custom insights or resell the harvested data to your clients.

An Expert Service

The biggest difference between media monitoring and data harvesting is the quality of the analysis your team will deliver. Media monitoring is an out-of-the-box fix. Data harvesting with BrightPlanet is an expert solution.

If you’re looking to determine the answers to big questions about your business, such as minimizing fraud, tracking pharmaceutical sales, or monitoring credit card use, you need direct access to a team of engineers. You need personal consultations about harvesting the right data. You need data harvesting with BrightPlanet.

Let us know if you’re ready to learn more about developing insights with web data. We’re here to help.