The Deep Web and Breast Cancer Research

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a recent CNN article published these stats from the American Cancer Society. “According to the latest data from the American Cancer Society, death rates from breast cancer among U.S. women have gone down 2.2% each year between 1990 and 2007, with larger declines among women younger than 50. Advances in treatment and early detection are thought to be the underlying reasons.”

In order to continue the development of these treatment advances, breast cancer research will need to continue to receive funding. However, it’s clear the 5 percent annual growth rate of health care expenditures of the last decade is unsustainable.* Research institutions need to increase efficiency and cut costs in order to stay within shrinking budgets.

Breast Cancer Research Silo

To save research institutions money and labor hours, BrightPlanet envisions topic-specific content silos, one for every disease or area of research, containing a comprehensive collection of open-source content researchers want. The next silo the company plans to launch is a Breast Cancer Research silo. This silo will feature content from:

  • Awarded Grants
  • Available Grants
  • Journal Articles
  • Research Universities
  • Professional Organizations
  • Government Websites
  • Intellectual Property

Research Institution Benefits

Institutions interested in breast cancer research will be able to subscribe to this collaborative silo. Research teams from multiple institutions will enjoy the benefits of a robust, all-encompassing information repository while diversifying costs across multiple subscribing organizations. Additionally, each silo has the potential for customization of sources and keywords.

Silo Example

Below is a screenshot of the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders silo created for Sanford Research to show an example of what a silo can look like. Click here to watch a video on the user interface.


More Information

If you are interested in more information on the Breast Cancer Research silo, you can email [email protected]. Additionally, our latest whitepaper includes the Sanford Research case study and gives information about how the silo services increased efficiency and reduced costs for them.

Our next whitepaper will focus on applying Deep Web intelligence to healthcare. Sign up here to receive it when it is released.



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Photo: audreyjm529