ACFE FRAUD TALK INTERVIEW: How to Use OSINT to Assist and Detect Fraud

Fraud Talk, a monthly podcast dedicated to helping professionals fight fraud, interviewed our Vice President of Business Development Tyson Johnson to discuss how to use open source intelligence (OSINT) to assist and detect fraud.

Tyson JohnsonIn the podcast, Tyson was interviewed by Fraud Magazine Assistant Editor Emily Primeaux, and begins by differentiating between the Surface Web and the Deep Web in the hopes of dispelling the media’s often incorrect interpretation of where the portions of the Web exist.

Tyson goes on to explain that fraud examiners and organizations have to become more familiar and comfortable with how fraud is occurring online and use available tools and online information to stop fraud. Tyson says, “We have to get to a place where fraud examiners and organizations are armed, adept, and as comfortable harvesting and using open source information as the bad guys are.”


Finally, Tyson discusses BrightPlanet’s Social Media Reports currently being deployed by ISB Canada to track fraud occurring in the insurance sector. Social Media Reports include online insurance claim research to identify and uncover evidence of fraudulent claims.

Get more information on how to use OSINT to assist and detect fraud in other industries by listening to the entire podcast on the ACFE Fraud Talk website.

Meet With Tyson

As a security professional, Tyson welcomes the opportunity to speak one-on-one about challenges that industry professionals face when trying to figure out how to utilize open source intelligence. Request a meeting below.