AuthentiWeb: Using Big Data from the Web to Protect Your Business

BrightPlanet’s AuthentiWeb protects your brands and products using data collected at large scale from the public Internet. You may be asking yourself, exactly how does Web data get utilized to support brand protection and loss prevention? In today’s post, we answer that question. We cover the types of data you can get with AuthentiWeb and how it helps businesses protect their bottom line.

BrightPlanet’s AuthentiWeb gives you data-as-a-service that allows you to target and map the networks selling your goods online. With AuthentiWeb, you have four available deliverables and outputs that help you understand the harvested data and give you insight and answers.

  1. Search Dashboard
  2. E-mail Alerts
  3. Custom Reports
  4. Raw Data Access

Let’s take a look at how each of these outputs can be utilized by apply them to an implementation of AuthentiWeb for the retail/fashion industry.

Protecting the Bottom Line: A Case Study with AuthentiWeb

BrightPlanet worked with a major clothing and fashion design manufacturing company that saw their profits hemorrhaged to international counterfeiters advertising designer products at a fraction of the retail price on trade boards, fly-by-night websites, message boards, and social media.

AuthentiWeb was deployed to help deliver all the appropriate data to help track, investigate, and shutdown entities contributing to the counterfeiting and loss of profits.

How does it work?


Harvest: AuthentiWeb automatically harvested data at large scale from any site, both legitimate and counterfeit, that was selling the products online. AuthentiWeb harvested all of the data from the websites, and also included additional metadata points such as registration information.

Enrich: AuthentiWeb enriched the data using entity and relationship extraction. As data was harvested, AuthentiWeb automatically extracted the product name, price points, advertising language, color, cut, etc.  This allowed the retailer to see what products were being targeted most, what price points they were being sold at, and which sellers were correctly displaying their products to support protection of legitimate supply chains and shut down illegitimate ones.

Deliver: AuthentiWeb customized the delivery to include the four different options for the manufacturer.

  • Search Dashboard
    • AuthentiWeb’s search dashboard was available to the retailer bringing all the harvested data directly into one search environment without the need for any IT requirements.
  • E-mail Alerts
    • Daily email alerts were configured to alert the brand security and protection executives to:
      • New products listed that weren’t previously sold online
      • New domains selling specified products
  •  Custom Reports
    • BrightPlanet’s Data Acquisition Engineers provided custom reports that contributed to further analysis of data. Some reports included highest level threat domains and product specific reports.
  • Raw Data Access
    • Complete access to harvested and enriched data was also collected that could easily be integrated into third party analytic and visualization tools such as Palantir, Tableau, and Tibco Spotfire.

Instilling Action:

The fashion manufacturer used the harvested data to:

  1. Notify legitimate channels of potentially incorrect marketing or branding occurring with authentic goods
  2. Identify pockets of illegitimate channels and provide the data to Internet authorities and law enforcement to assist in the shutdown of websites selling fraudulent goods online.

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