Key Takeaways from the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit

The concept of ‘synthesis’ or blending thoughts, ideas, and technologies from different parties to create a more efficient system was the theme for the recent Gartner Business Intelligence Summit held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Business Development, Tyson Johnson, attended the summit alongside thousands of industry leaders to discuss and share ideas on how technology, business intelligence, and analytics can revolutionize business. Read more to learn about the key takeaways Tyson has from the event.

Key Takeaways

1) Technology Solutions are continuing to synthesize

The entire theme of this year’s summit, synthesis, is the first takeaway. A growing trend that Tyson observed in action is the ability of early adopters in sectors such as risk management, insurance, and financial services to bring together external data and internal data to build new algorithms – to identify risk, reduce loss and strengthen decision support. BrightPlanet is working with world-leading business intelligence companies that can present and synthesize hybrid data.

“‘Big Data’ was the term of 2010, and a lot of that focus on Big Data has fizzled out and now companies are finding additional ways to use data and combine technologies with the concept of synthesis to create solutions made directly for them,” states Johnson on the growing trend of synthesis in the business intelligence space.

2) Business intelligence is no longer owned by IT departments

A second takeaway is the trend of intelligence in business becoming increasingly decentralized from belonging solely to IT departments. Business intelligence has quickly migrated from IT departments into individual departments consuming and creating business intelligence themselves.

This has changed the landscape inside large organizations where business units are now providing IT with their requirements for business intelligence needs – today it is more ‘IT as technology managers’, rather than ‘IT as technology drivers’ in organizations demanding business intelligence.

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