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[WHITEPAPER] Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Insurance

The insurance industry is all about efficiency. Whether you’re overseeing the underwriting process or assessing a claim, you need accurate data, and you need it fast.

The problem is that most insurance professionals aren’t moving as quickly as they could. Because they’re still relying on manual methods and insufficient data, they wind up spending way too much time and money on their work.

But there’s a better way. You can increase efficiency, accuracy, and even revenue by using open source intelligence (OSINT) to analyze more—and more valid—data from the Deep Web. By automating current data collection processes and adding supplemental data sources, insurance companies can save serious time and money. Find out how in our OSINT for Insurance white paper.

There are two main ways the insurance industry can benefit from using OSINT:

  • To improve the underwriting process
  • To better assess claims

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OSINT for Insurance | BrightPlanet
To learn about how OSINT can help improve the underwriting process and better assess claims, download our FREE Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Insurance white paper. In it, you’ll discover:

  • OSINT and what it means for the insurance industry
  • Benefits of using OSINT for insurance
  • How to find and make OSINT usable
  • BrightPlanet services for insurance

Download our FREE white paper to see how OSINT can revolutionize the way your insurance company works.

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