Swan Island TX360 Demo Dashboard Released in Partnership with BrightPlanet

In October 2014, BrightPlanet and Swan Island Networks partnered to bring the world’s first set of Intelligence Channels to market through a new security intelligence service called TX360®. Featuring various channels from BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) data feeds, a demo for the TX360 platform was recently made available to key partners. BrightPlanet offers both standard and customizable data channels, which can be deployed without IT requirements, for Swan Island Networks’ customers.

MIcrosoftCityTiesThrough this partnership, BrightPlanet utilizes its harvesting technology to collect and structure publicly available data from the Web and deliver it to the users of Swan Island Networks’ TIES for Microsoft CityNext (public sector) and TX360 (enterprise) situational awareness platforms.

The TX360 platform, which also powers TIES for Microsoft CityNext, leverages thousands of unique data sets from disparate sources to support analysts and security personnel in their situational awareness initiatives:

  • Create and subscribe to Intelligence Channel Alerts: the most relevant events from highly aggregated and filtered Intelligence Channels. Intelligence Channel Alerts can be received via email, text, and text-to-voice.
  • Easily create and customize dashboards with which to visualize threat proximity and synthesize critical security information from a variety of internal and external sources and assets.
  • Establish a community of trust with the creation and rights management of secure internal networks. Easily share sensitive and relevant intelligence to authorized collaborators.
  • Monitor social media activity to provide insights into brand awareness, crowd migration, public sentiment, and more.

Swan Island is now offering a free limited demo of the TX360 platform. Within the demo, you’ll find real-time situation awareness dashboards and channels monitoring global disasters, cyber-attacks, port security, school threats, and more. Each is augmented with open-source content from BrightPlanet’s Global News Data Feed, demonstrating the power of federating multiple data channels into a single dashboard.

To gain access to the demo version of the TX360 service, sign up at https://www.swanisland.net.

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