BrightPlanet and Content Analyst Company Partner to Enable Rapid Insight into OSINT

BrightPlanet is excited to announce that we have developed a partnership with Content Analyst Company, developer of market-leading machine learning text analytics software, combining BrightPlanet’s ability to harvest open source intelligence (OSINT) — content from the Web at Big Data scale — with Content Analyst’s Cerebrant™ SasS-based discovery support solution.

Cerebrant is designed to enable subject matter experts in industries with high-value content to gain rapid insight into the growing collections of unstructured internal and external content they must analyze. Cerebrant enables users in industries such as health information, energy and finance to quickly and effectively find the most relevant internal and external content and discover important, non-obvious relationships buried within massive collections of unstructured information.

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Using OSINT and Cerebrant

partner-contentanalyst“This is a perfect fit and application of our technology. As companies begin to take their big content projects to the next level, they’ll need to find a way to easily integrate external Web content with their current internal structured data and then analyze information across both environments. Cerebrant, paired with BrightPlanet’s content does just that,” explains Tyson Johnson, Vice President of Business Development for BrightPlanet.

Users of Cerebrant can subscribe to standard workspaces or content feeds containing existing content from BrightPlanet or request their own custom content set to be harvested and structured through BrightPlanet’s data-as-a-service (DaaS) offering. Cerebrant’s core technology is driven by Content Analyst’s highly proven and scalable, self-learning technique known as Latent Semantic Indexing+ (LSI+) that enables users to search and compare items based on concepts instead of standard keyword searches.

“Search today hasn’t kept up with advances that we’ve seen in other technology. Users that search often start with a single keyword to identify content, but quickly find keyword limitations that either the keyword has multiple meanings or the right keyword isn’t being searched. BrightPlanet’s partnership with Content Analyst changes the traditional paradigm of search. Cerebrant goes beyond keyword search, finding results that are conceptually relevant, regardless of whether specific keywords are used,” states Johnson.

“BrightPlanet’s patented Deep Web harvesting technology allows Cerebrant users to quickly and easily bring targeted publicly available Web content into the Cerebrant discovery platform,” said Kurt Michel, President and CEO, Content Analyst Company.  “The ability to effectively identify relevant information across formerly disparate content sources, both external and internal, will dramatically reduce the time and effort required to provide rapid and appropriate responses to Pharmacovigilance issues and fully informed guidance to drive competitive advantage and scientific excellence.”

With Cerebrant and BrightPlanet, users can compare internal content, such as a company’s patent portfolio, with external content by BrightPlanet, such as harvested content from a competitor’s product pages, and automatically identify where conceptual overlaps and relationships may exist; allowing for an automated and scalable program to detect potential intellectual property infringements.

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