Webinar Recap: ADD PEPs to KYC in AML

BrightPlanet’s Jamie Martin and Basis Technology’s James Andrews teamed up to present a webinar for banking professionals focusing on how you can use Deep Web technology to efficiently meet global banking regulations.

It all starts with the world’s largest publicly-available database: the Internet.

Using Deep Web Data to Bolster AML Programs

The Internet is more than the websites you reach through a search engine. There’s valuable data on the Deep Web, those sites that can’t be found by a traditional search engine.

Financial service providers are required by law to establish anti-money laundering programs (AML) to protect themselves from fraud. But most providers are still faced with serious corruption.

That’s where BrightPlanet and Basis Technology come in.

Tools Team Up to Bolster KYC Database

BrightPlanet’s harvesting technology allows you to pull data in any language from multiple Deep Web sources. This means you can find the lists of bad guys from Interpol and make sure you’re not offering them a loan.

This harvesting tool is language agnostic, though, which can be complicated for an English-language company.

Basis Technology’s linguistic analysis tools allow you to use that information. It takes the harvested data and makes it work in the language you primarily use — whether that’s English or Mandarin.

Together, they help you bolster your ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) database by adding politically-exposed persons (PEPs).

Put it to Work

The goal is to help you get the most meaningful intelligence from unstructured, multi-lingual text.

Do you want to learn more about how to put these data tools to work for your organization? Request the webinar recording using the button below.

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Photo: Fernando Amaro Caamano