How OSINT Supports COSO Risk Management

Corporations of all kinds have one goal in common: Minimizing risk. Whether you’re in banking, financial services, insurance, or any other industry, one of your company’s top priorities is — or should be — effective risk management.

But how can you monitor risk in a way that is both efficient and compliant with governmental guidelines? You’re likely using the COSO framework.

Find out what it is and how open source intelligence (OSINT) can strengthen it in this post.

Understanding COSOCOSO Framework

Integral to your risk management strategy is the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) framework.

Your organization can use the framework to navigate the complicated world of risk management. Your company likely applies the COSO framework already, guided by an internal audit team.

But putting the COSO framework into action is no easy task. There are many objectives as well as components to manage and track.

How OSINT Can Help

The challenge with risk management is monitoring all those potential threats in a fast, streamlined manner. Because when you’re dealing with risk, it’s essential to not only catch threats as quickly as possible, but also respond to them as soon as they attack.

Here’s where open source intelligence (OSINT) technology comes to the rescue. Instead of monitoring internal data alone — which is what most companies do — OSINT technology captures all the external data available on the Web, so your chances of detecting breaches or potential issues are much greater. Plus, OSINT software monitors data in near real-time. So not only are you able to detect more potential risk incidents, you’re able to start fighting them the minute they occur.

Essentially, all of your risk assessment strategies are supported by OSINT data, making your job as a risk management professional much easier.

OSINT technology is so cutting-edge that few organizations have implemented it — meaning that if you do, your compliance efforts will stand out from the crowd.

But the trend is catching on fast. It’s our belief at BrightPlanet that OSINT monitoring capabilities will soon become the new industry standard for internal risk management.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start adding OSINT to your risk management strategy.

OSINT Solutions from BrightPlanet

If you want to add strength to your risk management strategy, turn to BrightPlanet. We can add external data sets to your current risk management strategy to help you detect more compliance issues — and we can do it in near real-time to help you detect incidents more quickly.

BrightPlanet has the fastest, most powerful tools on the market for harvesting OSINT data. Click here to see our full range of OSINT solutions.

Need more information on how this will fit into your risk management plan? Contact us with questions, and our team of experts will get back to you with answers, or you can download our risk management white paper to dig deeper into OSINT solutions and find out how they could work for you.

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