Using OSINT to Improve Risk Response in Your Risk Management Framework

There’s one thing that is common among all industries: risk management.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in banking or insurance — you want to minimize the potential risks, and manage situations that arise.

We’ve explained how open source intelligence (OSINT) can strengthen your current efforts. Now, we’re going to talk about how OSINT can be specifically used for risk response. 

Triggering a Risk Response

COSO FrameworkThere are five ways you can respond to risk, but there’s really only one that makes sense for your business: Avoid.

Here at BrightPlanet, we use our data harvesting skills to help your business avoid complications with your risk management. One of the ways we do that is with risk response.

When we dig into the Deep Web, we come up with information on a large scale. Millions of names, address, emails — more information than one risk manager, or even a team of risk managers, could just scan through manually.

That’s why we set up risk response notifications.

If there’s an event that needs attention, the risk response triggers an alert. This gives your risk management team all the information they need to assess and take action. Because it’s automated, your company can set the parameters that trigger a response, and your team won’t miss anything that needs personal attention out of the depths of the web.

Streamline Rules to Save Time

The ability to set the information specifically for your company not only saves time for risk managers, but for your internal audit team as well.

At any point, we can provide the exact algorithms and rules used to determine risk response, and which sites are being harvested to gather the information.

The biggest challenge of risk management is making sense of the immense amount of data available. That’s why we developed our Deep Web harvesting technologies — to provide companies with a simpler way to monitor threats and stay safe.

Using OSINT technologies to strengthen your risk management processes makes it easy to stay compliant. And it takes away the confusion and uncertainty associated with an internal audit.

OSINT for Risk Response in Action

Let’s say we set up a risk response program for a bank. The bank wants us to monitor for potential customer data breaches. The program is set up so that if five or more accounts appear somewhere on the web suspiciously (based on parameters set up with the client), a notification is sent to the risk management team when the threshold is met.

The risk management team then takes the appropriate actions to check internally to see if those bank numbers or those bank cards were all used recently at one location. Is it a Home Depot in Idaho where all this particular set of accounts was used? If so, there may be a breach at Home Depot. The team then activates internally to get more information and prevent potential additional breaches to protect customer information and alleviate any potential financial losses.

OSINT Solutions for your Business

BrightPlanet adds strength to risk management strategy by helping you monitor more data more efficiently — and we do it all in near real-time.

We have a collection of powerful tools used for harvesting OSINT data. If you want to put your business ahead of the curve and simplifiy your process, check out our full range of OSINT solutions.

If you’re not sure how this can fit into your risk management plan, contact us with questions, and our team of experts will help understand the power of our digital harvesting tools. In the meantime, download our risk management white paper to dig deeper into OSINT solutions and find out how they could work for you.

Download the OSINT for Risk Management White Paper