Greater Data Harvest Opportunities with the New Rosoka Update

For years, BrightPlanet has been proud to partner with Rosoka, an industry leader of text analytics solutions. We enjoy working with Rosoka because of their commitment to bringing unique value to organizations by helping them automatically identify the important entities in unstructured data.

Rosoka recently made some innovative updates to their software. These updates are sure to improve Rosoka’s already unique optimized insights with open source intelligence tools that will enable organizations to make better informed business decisions.

At BrightPlanet, we’re excited about Rosoka’s updates to their entity and sentiment extraction processes. As Rosoka continues to update their analytic platforms, BrightPlanet’s data enrichment process will continue to improve to meet the unique needs of our clients through the use of open source intelligence tools.

What Is Rosoka?

Currently, Rosoka Software extracts information from an unlimited volume of text-based data, and then analyzes it for deeper understanding.

While it is not possible to use a text to determine an author’s actual intent with certainty, it is possible to measure readers’ responses to specific lexical items and linguistic structures within the text.

Rosoka leverages unique algorithms that incorporate polarity, mood, aspect, and intensity to provide a detailed representation of sentiment in a text. Below is an explanation of the four entity-level sentiment values:

  • Polarity- how positive or negative the language is talking about an entity
  • Mood- the emotional state of the language used to describe an entity
  • Aspect- the level of control a reader feels when reading the language describing an entity
  • Intensity- the level of activation or deactivation of the language describing an entity

What’s New?

While Rosoka’s entity-level sentiment values are not new, the process of obtaining these values has changed.

In the past, Rosoka Series 6 was able to only monitor one sentiment at a time. Advancements in software were made and Rosoka is now able to monitor all four sentiment-related values per entity and five values per document.

What does this mean for data collection companies? With Rosoka’s updated software, companies can get a more complete understanding of the perceptions people have related to a certain set of data.

This update will allow companies to make well-informed business decisions, knowing that they have the data available to better understand the different perceptions people have regarding specific topics directly related to their business.

Data Enrichment and Rosoka

BrightPlanet receives many requests for sentiment analysis for specific entity instances as well as full documents.

Through our data enrichment process and use of open source intelligence tools, we are able to work with Rosoka to tag relationships between two entities in a subject-predicate-object format, allowing you to see exactly how two structures are related in a well-structured format.

Looking for a way to get the most out of your open source data? Schedule a free consultation with our Data Acquisition Engineers at BrightPlanet today to learn more about how our partnership with Rosoka can help you leverage your open source content.

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