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Monitor the Future with Open Source Intelligence Tools Using Example Data from the Auto Industry

In recent years, BrightPlanet has worked with AMPLYFI to harness leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) through web harvest activities that interpret the wealth of untapped open source content within the Internet. On October 4, 2017, BrightPlanet’s Vice President of Development, Will Bushee, and Mark Woods, CTO of AMPLYFI, held a webinar to demonstrate how AMPLYFI’s leading […]


VIDEO: Installing TOR on an Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Working in the Deep Web and Dark Web has the ability to produce a great amount of quality insight that can’t be found anywhere else. Unfortunately, working in the Deep Web and Dark Web also comes with many safety and security risks such as viruses.  Obtaining information safely and securely is essential when doing Deep Web and […]


VIDEO: Installing TOR on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Using a virtual machine while working in the Deep Web and Dark Web is key to obtaining information safely and securely. At BrightPlanet, we’ve communicated the benefits of using a virtual machine while working in the traditionally “unsafe” Deep Web and Dark Web. Before business leaders make important decisions, they should have access to all […]


Webinar Recap: Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program

Fraudulent activity. Suspicious transaction. Discrepancies. These utterances all point towards the five-letter nemesis: fraud. Fraud has long been an issue in many industries, and dealing with it is anything but a joyride. The headaches, confusion, hopelessness, and major losses that follow a fraudulent attack continue to plague many organizations. Cue our latest webinar held on […]


WEBINAR – Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program

If you want to give a business professional a headache by uttering a single word, one word that will surely suffice is “fraud”. Dealing with fraud is a problem that is as time-consuming as it is frustrating. Unfortunately, many financial institutions suffer major losses with no way to counteract after falling victim to this unpredictable crime. […]


Why Building an Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program is Essential

Combatting online fraud data is an issue where businesses and financial institutions must be proactive. The negative impact that fraud creates is something that inevitably ends up costing both money and time. On Wednesday, April 5, Tyson Johnson is speaking at the ACFE-CPIO conference. His presentation focuses on “Building An Online Anti-Fraud Open Source Monitoring Program.” […]


Data Harvesting From News Stories in Near Real-Time

Recently, a client asked us if we could pull details about car accidents from news stories for a quick proof-of-concept project. They wanted to see if we could extract the names and ages of those involved, the location of the accident, and a time value for when the accident occurred. Because we hadn’t tagged the […]


Media Monitoring vs. Data Harvesting: What’s the Difference?

BrightPlanet often gets lumped in with companies like Radian6, uberVU or Sysomos, but our services are nothing like those of a media monitoring company. No offense to those businesses, but data harvesting is a completely different service for a more involved customer. Here’s a look at the major differences between media monitoring and data harvesting, […]