VIDEO: Installing TOR on a Windows 10 Virtual Machine

Using a virtual machine while working in the Deep Web and Dark Web is key to obtaining information safely and securely. At BrightPlanet, we’ve communicated the benefits of using a virtual machine while working in the traditionally “unsafe” Deep Web and Dark Web.

Before business leaders make important decisions, they should have access to all relevant information leading up to the decision. In addition to helping navigate Deep Web and Dark Web search, virtual machines are also helpful in harvesting open source data from public websites, allowing you to obtain all the relevant information you need.  

The TOR virtual burner box allows you to anonymously navigate all areas of the Surface Web. While using the TOR virtual burner box, your IP address will be hidden from the website’s log, allowing you to navigate between different websites, obtaining the relevant information you need while maintaining complete anonymity.

In this video, Will Bushee shows you how to install the TOR virtual burner box on a Windows 10 virtual machine.

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