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Increasing Research Efficiency: Case Study for Big Data and Healthcare

A new theme in the healthcare industry is “translational research.” Translational research is defined as work intended to move quickly from laboratory to patient, directly affecting patient care. Through translational research, laboratory and clinical scientists collaborate and draw conclusions from the same pool of data; this collaboration strengthens the connection between the two distinct areas […]

Ohio Unhappy with the Debate

During the three hours of the debate, we monitored the most popular words. Wow, not for virgin eyes. Apparently, there was some bubbling anger as seen in the debate’s word cloud for Twitter users in Ohio mentioning Romney or Obama:

Obama wins the pre-debate Twitter mentions

While the news outlets dissect who won the second presidential debate, we decided to crunch the numbers on who enjoyed the biggest Twitter momentum ahead of the debate. We take a look at two of the important swing states of Ohio and Iowa and found that Obama enjoyed a boost in mentions and positive words. Take a look:

Deep Web Search and Dark Web Search – Similar Names; Major Differences!

Eleven years ago, BrightPlanet coined the term “Deep Web” to describe Internet databases not reached by surface web crawlers like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, there continues to be confusion between the Deep Web and the Dark Web. There are major differences between the two terms; Deep Web and Dark Web should NOT be used interchangeably.


It is estimated that counterfeiting is a $600 billion a year problem that has grown over 10,000 percent in the past two decades. In the U.S. alone, counterfeiting costs businesses $200 billion to $250 billion annually. Counterfeiters are skilled at profiting off of another companies marketing efforts; and the openness of the Internet makes selling […]

[Whitepaper] How 5 Industries Leverage Big Data

The flood of Big Data that is added to the Deep Web each and every day can be harnessed and leveraged for any industry with the proper tools. You can track what is being said, when it is being said, where it is being said and who is saying it in a searchable database. In […]