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[BEST PRACTICES] Guidelines for Criminal Intelligence gathering

When it comes to harvesting open-source Big Data from the Deep Web, stakeholders within every step of the data chain are concerned about the legal issues surrounding privacy and civil liberties. Professionals in law enforcement and the intelligence community, in particular, are concerned with protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. Below are two helpful […]

[Video] Deep Web Silo Services for Health Research

BrightPlanet’s Deep Web Silos are individual repositories for topic-specific content, and are updated with new and relevant information from the Deep Web Harvester in real-time. Each one is filled with high-quality Deep Web resources – databases, RSS feeds, and more – that lie beyond the reach of traditional search engines. They also include standard analytical […]

Deep Web Search: What’s Possible

Trying to wrap your mind around the Deep Web is like trying to imagine there is a whole other world with even more resources and living beings than on Earth. It’s a territory unknown to most, yet has potential for everyone. What is the Deep Web? The Deep Web is sometimes referred to as the […]

Why Law Enforcement Needs to Monitor Social Media

The Internet is the most popular outlet of communication with billions of messages exchanged online every day, but not all of them are legal. Easy access, speed, and wide message reach through social media make the Internet an ideal platform for letting people know what you are planning, coordinating, or selling. Dealers advertise illegal drugs, […]