Utilizing Data-as-a-Service for the Mining Industry

We are finding many different industries are able to capitalize on Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). In this post we’ll uncover how a mining company is using BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service model to monitor the Ebola health outbreak to keep their expatriates informed and out of harm’s way with the use of one dataset.  You’ll see what type of data is harvested and how it is enriched to make it usable.


Mining PhotoWhere is the data coming from?

The dataset that we harvest and deliver comes from BrightPlanet’s Big Industry Threat Silo (BITS). The BITS dataset focuses on collecting global news media data from over 9,000 unique sources. Over 50,000 unique documents are harvested, enriched and added to the BITS dataset every single day allowing for up-to-date information.

How are we tagging the data?

BrightPlanet not only harvests the data, but also enriches the data through the process of entity extraction, which put simply involves us extracting out key terms or entities to give the unstructured data some organization.

The current tags aka entities from the BITS dataset being extracted include: infectious diseases, places, people, companies, weapons, violent crimes, job titles, natural resources, and business development indicators. The main one we will cover today will be the outbreak entity, which is shown below.


The above graphic shows how BrightPlanet is able to extract mentions of health outbreaks by extracting mentions of diseases and connecting them to the location that is occurring. Being able to harvest and tag local and national news sources globally and then extract mentions of diseases and the places associated with them, allows for the delivery of datasets that show up-to-date information to help companies answer questions like:

1 – What new diseases are being mentioned in the countries that my expatriates are residing in?

For the last week (4/10/2014 – 4/17/2014) diseases most mentioned in the following countries are:

    • Guinea: Ebola (477), Hemorrhagic Fever (24), HIV (9), Lassa Fever (8), Swine Flu (8)
    • China: H7N9 (44), Avian Influenza (51), Mers (14), Ebola (13)
    • Phillipines: MERS (120), Coronavirus (60), Measles (33)

2 – What countries are under the most threat for specific outbreaks?

For the last week (4/10/2014 – 4/17/2014) Countries with the most mentions of disease are:

    • Guinea
    • China
    • Phillipines
    • Sierra Leone

With BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service, the datasets that we deliver are customized to your requirements and can be delivered to allow you to integrate into current dashboards for use by your own analytic teams.

Want to take a more in-depth and analytic look at the data collected for this blog post, contact us here.

More examples of DaaS for the Mining Industry

Some other examples of ways Data-as-a-Service can be utilized to support the efforts of mining companies include:

  1. Monitoring for changes in local government policies that may slow down or speed up production at a particular site
  2. Monitoring the potential of upcoming strikes being mentioned on social media

Whether you are in the mining industry monitoring for health outbreaks or you’re in a different industry that needs to make sense of harvested data from the web, BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service can help deliver data you didn’t realize was so easily available to you.  Request a Data-as-a-Service consultation from one of BrightPlanet’s Data Acquisition Engineers today.



Photo: Rene Schwietzke