Using Deep Web Data in Retail and Entertainment

Since we released access to our Global News Data Feed earlier this year, which provides over 10,000 global news sources for analysis and use by our customers, we’ve come up with many interesting case studies of our data across a wide array of industries.

Last week, we covered how political organizations are using the Global News Data Feed to stay on top of the political landscape. This week, we are featuring how innovators in the entertainment and retail industries are capitalizing on the vast amount of data in the Global News Data Feed.

The Problem

Our customers in the retail and entertainment industries were each struggling with a similar problem: it was incredibly difficult for them to track trends on a large number of terms or keywords across a wide set of data.

In both instances, traditional media monitoring solutions, such as Radian6, weren’t able to scale to the size of the required industry. Retailers that wanted to track thousands of product terms and get back their daily buzz in the media were forced to pick just a few keywords to track. Likewise, entertainment providers wanting to track movies, movie stars, TV shows, and TV stars were faced with the same problem of picking only a few keywords to monitor over time.

That is, until the Global News Data Feed came out with REST API access.


Major resellers carrying hundreds of thousands of products were able to efficiently automate calls to our Global News Data Feed API and receive daily counts of how often products were mentioned across thousands of sources. The mentions were all stored in the retailer’s database and were used to determine the level of buzz across hundreds of thousands of products simultaneously.

Using the Global News Data Feed allowed for quick analysis of what was trending and in what locations. It also gave retailers an appropriate answer in the market to better quickly determine inventory levels across hundreds of locations.


Interestingly, a similar solution occurred with an analytics company in the entertainment industry. The entertainment company wanted to offer buzz and information directly to their clients about all the current actors, TV shows, and movies available as well as which ones were seeing coverage in the media. However, the company was struggling to manage the list of over 3,000 terms it wanted to track, and traditional media monitoring services weren’t cutting it. The Global News Data Feed once again allowed for a highly scalable and flexible solution that allowed for ingestion of all the appropriate data through a REST API environment.

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Photo: Gonzalo Baeza H